Our History


Our History

  • 2009


    After RS Servis was founded as Ankara-based, it started its service in Istanbul.

  • 2010

    Growth in Mobile Parts Repair

    RS Servis started to rapidly expand its market share throughout Turkey.

  • 2011

    RS Mini Repair Service in Cyprus

    RS Servis started offering Mini Repair Solutions as a pilot region in Nicosia/Cyprus.

  • 2012

    Mini Repair Service in Türkiye

    RS Servis expanded the structuring and investments of Mini Repair Services throughout Türkiye.

  • 2013-2014

    Rapid Growth in Mini Repair Service

    Under the leadership of RS Servis, Mini Repair Services started to grow rapidly throughout Türkiye.

  • 2015

    Mini Repair Service in all over Türkiye

    RS Servis expanded the structuring and investments of Mini Repair Services throughout Turkey.

  • 2016

    Growth in Damage Repair Services

    RS Servis grew rapidly in the field of Damage Repair Services and increased its market share.

  • 2017

    Czechia/ Prague

    RS Service Prague franchisee was established and started service.

  • 2018

    New Software Company: Destech

    A software company was established to digitize its processes and establish a solid infrastructure for the future.

  • 2019

    Growing Central Office Organization of Rs Servis

    RS Servis expanded its organization and moved to its new central office.

  • The First Step To Become A Group Company

    RS Servis took the first step towards becoming a group company with the new company logo and the structuring of RS branded companies.

  • 2020

    First Step To The Digital World With ‘Oto Konfor’ Brand

    The ‘Oto Konfor’ application, which brings all the services that may be needed in the field of automobile services together in a single application, was launched.

  • Mechanical Maintenance And Repair Services

    RS Servis started to offer Mechanical Maintenance and Repair Services.

  • 2021

    RS Paintless Repair Franchise Network

    Rs Paintless Repair, which offers automobile restoration works, has started infrastructure works to provide services.

  • RS Otomotiv Grubu (RS Automotive Group)

    The RS brand, which has expanded its service range over the years, has brought all RS branded companies together in a unity of ‘RS Otomotiv Grubu’.

  • Brand New Mechanical Maintenance And Repair Service Network: Garantili Oto Servisi (Warranted Auto Service)

    The service, which brings customers and warranted services together within the scope of quality standards, has become an investor in its network.

  • • Türkiye's First and Only Expertise with Magnetic Resonance Device

    Offering New Generation Expertise Services, RS Oto Ekspertiz has created Türkiye's first and only expertise substructure with MR Device thanks to cutting edge investments.