We are happy to share with you that RS Oto is now becoming a Global Brand

RS Servis

RS Servis was established on May 3, 2009 as a result of 6 months of Research&Development work, based in Ankara. It aims to serve by blending the "Corporate Governance" understanding with the "Turkish Craftsmanship Principles". RS Servis, set out with the vision of a strong corporate company built on these solid foundations offers fast, professional and economical auto repair and maintenance services.

RS Oto Ekspertiz

Our RS Oto Ekspertiz brand has set out with the motto of "New Generation Auto Expertise" and with the knowledge and experience gained over many years. It checks&ensures that the maintenance and repairs are carried out in standards that prioritizing human life and safety and whether it has been made to standards faithful to the original structure. RS Oto Ekspertiz serves with a business model that combines 60 years of experience with new technologies.

RS Boyasız Onarım

Our RS Paintless Dent Repair company is one of our group companies that aims to provide mobile paintless dent repair services to customers and always prioritizes customer satisfaction. It is getting ready to serve with a strong structure that aims to provide better quality service by synthesizing the experiences and competencies of the car dealers.


Otokonfor is a digital platform established to meet more than 40 services that automobile owners may need during the life time of their vehicles. We provide services on digital platforms through our website www.otokonfor.com and our mobile applications in the relevant mobile application markets.

Garantili Oto Servis

It is a Professional “Warranted Auto Service” network that brings the Customers and TSE-HYB (Turkish Standards Institution - Service Adequacy Certification) certified Particular Auto Services together all over Türkiye. It brings Particular Auto Services that providing Periodic Maintenance and Mechanical Repair Services together with Individual vehicle users, fleet companies that make operational leasing, and corporate companies that have Insurance and Self-owned vehicle parks in the Automotive Sector in a stronger unity.

Destech Yazılım Çözümleri

It is a software company that provides service to auto repair services and insurance companies with the integrations made with the systems such as Damage Management System - Auto Analysis Ketsoft etc. Purpose of Destech is to provide solutions that best meet the needs of its customers with superior and innovative approaches in software and hardware development and system integration.


The service units network created by TUR ASSIST has developed in terms of quality, service and volume until today and has turned into a giant service network consisting of more than 6000 service providers. Companies that are included in this service network, such as tow trucks, rescuers, rent a car, ambulance, home repair, hotel, agency, pass regular inspections and trainings and they provide services at the highest standards.

MET Teknik

MET Teknik ensures you to meet user friendly and ergonomy offering equipments at your work to repair damaged car chassis and panels. MET Teknik is always there for its customers at every moment, from the installation of all the products sold, to additional service needs such as after-sales service and training! MET Teknik Academy, which is the training partner of many valuable automotive brands of our country, is among the leading educational institutions both in our country and internationally with its impartial approach, high motivation for continious innovation, and its distinctive features in the sector.

Neden Rs?

"We are doing our job with a real passion.""

We know well that when the job is being done with a love and passion, we spend more effort to improve ourselves and to be successful. As RS Servis we are a big a family who are doing their job with love. The most important feature we look for while growing our team is to have this value that makes a difference.

"We're constantly researching to get better at our job."

As if we are a research company, we constantly conduct research and engage in Research&Development activities. We strive to learn and develop whatever techniques are new about repair and to offer them to our customers in the most economical way possible.

"Our face is always turned toward to outward"

We are constantly following the companies and their solutions operating in the same field as us, both at home and abroad and we attach great importance to benefit from their knowledges and experiences.

"We work disciplined and programmed."

We know very well that the most important condition for success is disciplined and programmed work. Without leaving our work to chance, we plan every point down to the finest detail and we take care to act by arranging the workflows for each project we work on.

Our Vision

To be the most reliable company in the sector with our understanding of service that differentiates us from our competitors before our suppliers and solution partners.

Our Mission

To offer appropriate repair costs without compromising our service quality and thus to provide added value to all our stakeholders.